In my latest video, I delve into the essential top 10 tools every skateboard coach should possess. Drawing from my extensive experience of over a decade instructing and teaching thousands individuals the art of skateboarding, I’ve carefully curated this list of the most indispensable tools. These are the items you simply can’t afford to leave behind.

Top 10 Tools for Skate Instructors:

  1. Waiver – Refer to various examples from sources like Skatepark of Tampa, Skate Dogs, or by conducting a straightforward Google search for “Skateboard Waiver.”
    • It’s crucial to customize the waiver to suit your company’s requirements.
    • Ensure that you capture the client’s email and phone number within the waiver.
    • Integrate a photo/video release or address it separately.
  2. First-Aid Kit – Beyond basic band-aids and cleaning supplies, remember to include disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and sunblock. These often underestimated items can prove invaluable.
    • To explore a comprehensive breakdown of the items I pack, please check out my detailed blog post.
  3. Business Cards and/or Flyers – For fledgling startups, I recommend opting for flyers due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility in customization, and swift printing for time-sensitive promotions.
  4. Phone for Social Media – Capture a photo during each lesson and request permission from parents to tag them. This practice encourages sharing on their personal social media platforms, broadening your client reach.
  5. Cones – Easily procurable from Amazon at a reasonable cost.
  6. Chalk – I propose acquiring a sizable assortment of colors from Amazon.
  7. Skate Trainers – These prove highly effective, particularly for fundamental maneuvers like determining a skater’s foot stance and practicing stationary kick turns.
  8. Carpet Deck – A valuable asset for mastering foot placement and rudimentary tricks like crabwalk and shove-its. It’s advantageous to have two decks, allowing seamless demonstration without disrupting the skater’s learning process.
  9. Spare Equipment: Skateboard & Pads – I suggest these Amazon pads, and you can inquire at your local skate shop for surplus skateboard parts. Mention that it’s intended for lessons, and you might secure it at a discounted rate or even for free.
  10. Your Helmet – While there persists a certain stigma around helmet use in skateboarding, it’s prudent to prioritize safety during lessons. While I choose not to wear a helmet for personal recreation, I consistently wear one during my skate lessons. It instills confidence in young skaters to wear their protective gear, and you will be their skate-role-model forever. Furthermore, parents value your conscientious approach, fostering lasting trust and rapport. Remember, your clients will happily spend more money from people the know, like, and trust.

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