U.S. Hardgoods Manufactures

China Manufacturers

Please be aware that China deck manufacturers are best suited for purchases of 500 decks or more. Ordering smaller quantities may not be taken seriously by the manufacturers. It’s essential to have a proven concept before considering overseas production.
Additionally, I recommend purchasing in larger quantities to save on costs. Labor in China is currently experiencing price increases, and with fewer people seeking factory jobs, factories are paying higher wages to retain employees. As a result, the cost of goods has risen. If your minimum order is right at 500 decks, I may not recommend proceeding and suggest considering a U.S. manufacturer like Clutch Distribution instead.
If you’re still interested in ordering from China, I advise scheduling a FREE 15-minute consultation with me so I will provide you with more detailed information and guidance.

I’ve utilized various manufacturers in China for sourcing goods, and some are currently in use. The manufacturers suitable for you will depend on your specific sourcing requirements. For example, NHS purchases their goods from the manufacturers listed above and others for different products.
To begin, it’s essential to identify what you want to source as a starting point. I recommend starting with small, easily shippable products that are cost-effective. As you gain confidence, you can gradually scale up to larger items and quantities.
Feel free to reach out to me for further information or if you need assistance.

Mexico Manufactures

Many US companies are increasingly shifting their sourcing from China to Mexico. While sourcing in Mexico can present some challenges due to limited resources, the market is rapidly developing with significant potential. Despite these difficulties, there are numerous benefits to sourcing from Mexico, such as proximity and faster shipping, lower shipping costs, quicker response times due to time zone alignment, language advantages, and the positive impact of supporting local economies.

Finding a manufacturer in Mexico may be more challenging compared to China, mainly because China boasts a well-established and extensive manufacturing infrastructure across various industries. In contrast, Mexico’s manufacturing base, though significant, may have limitations in certain sectors. However, the advantages of sourcing from Mexico, combined with its growing market, make it an increasingly attractive option for businesses looking to diversify their supply chains and explore new opportunities.

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